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Approach! Approach with gibbering delight and glimpse attractions most satisfactory! Time is running out and there are NO HANDS TO GUIDE US into safety so let us dance the last dance - while we still can!

** You WILL shiver and shudder as a self-proclaimed Pilgrim of Filth attempts to sully your delicate mental state with oily promises of "All You Want".

Or perhaps gambling is your bent, hmm? Perhaps the tender affections of some young spoiled dove, you say? Well, look no further than that infamous settlement called God-Only-Knows to let loose your baser instincts and, of course, your "Dirty Old Silver".

Next up we submerge ourselves under the deep Arctic waters of the Ocean Atlantica for an eerie voyage with the brooding, enigmatic Captain Nobody. Shush! Do not dare disturb his "Frozen Mood"!

Out of the dark green sea and far across the desert landscape of the Tamarisk Plains we go ON from there. There Is time for one last drink and a phantasmagoric "Chaser" before the end of the world so why not cozy up to the bar and have a shot of Nice To Know You with the ghostly denizens at the End Of The Line saloon?

**Ah yes! The end is near. I can hear the metal stomp of those goliath machines in the distance. Now is the time! Climb aboard and see the sights - WHILE YOU CAN!

Come one and all and let us drink and make merry for tomorrow - well - tomorrow may the fires miss us. Tomorrow may the machines that at this very moment are devastating all the world around us with mechanical, unfeeling precision stop in their tracks and cease to move. May tomorrow come, my friends!

Lift your glasses and toast with me!

“May the dragons be vanquished. May Beauty and Truth prevail. May there be, oh god, please let there be a happily “Ever After”!”

Are you coming or not?
Tags: cdbaby, new ep, no hands to guide us, unextraordinary gentlemen
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